Making The Most of Your Gallery Wall Using These 10 Ideas

Introduction: Why Use a Gallery Wall?

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Gallery Walls 101: The Cornerstone of Home Décor is Here!

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Style Your Gallery Wall with These 3 Simple Steps

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How To Plan A Gallery Wall That Looks Like You… But Better!

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Conclusion. So there you have it; the best

The sea gallery is a temporary art installation by the artist duo, Seth Price and Nick Mauss, consisting of a video installation and a sculpture. The installation was commissioned by Artspace, Sydney as part of their Sydney International Art Series for 2017.

The sculpture is an 18-foot tall submarine made from fiberglass that hangs over the entrance to the gallery. Inside the submarine is a video projection that shows an underwater scene with fish swimming around. The submersible also serves as a seat for people to sit on and watch videos projected on its inner wall.

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