What is a Gallery and How to Start One for Your Visual Art

Introduction: What is a Gallery?

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How to Start a Gallery and Where to Find the Artworks for It?

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How Does an Artist Get Represented in a Gallery?

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Where is the Best Place to Learn How to Sell your Artwork and Promote it Online?

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Conclusion: Tips on Running an Efficient & Successful Gallery

Gallery is a collection of images that are all related to each other. The vast majority of galleries on the internet are set up with a theme and there is usually some sort of storytelling going on.

There are two ways in which galleries can be made:

Native gallery – One that is built into the site’s design or CMS. A lot of WordPress themes, for example, have ‘post gallery’ templates pre-installed.

External gallery – one that is embedded from an external site or app (e.g., Flickr). These galleries can be much more sleek than native galleries because they don’t have to worry about loading time and how it interacts with the rest of the site’s design/content strategy.

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